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kara diamonds 

Avadiam is the fruit of the complicity of several diamond professionals who have been practicing this profession for more than 25 years with the world's largest stock exchanges.

they started their careers in the largest diamond factories (Russia and Tel Aviv) Today, after more than 25 years of experience as lapidaries and traders on the Tel Aviv and Antwerp stock exchanges, they are putting their knowledge and their knowledge in the service of Avadiam.  

They are part of the very closed circle of members of the diamond exchanges in Tel Aviv and Antwerp.
They are related to the golden rules concerning honesty and reliability in everything that is diamond trade.
The Avadiam concept is simple:

to put their skills at the service of jewelers and individuals so that they can take advantage of the most attractive prices on the market, all commissions from cutting intermediaries, including those of traders, importers and wholesalers are thus eliminated.
Individuals or jewelers who wish to buy a natural diamond or a CVD diamond (ecological / ethical) to make a jewel will be sensitive to the savings made especially when we know that the diamond represents 80% of the price of a jewel.
By being a manufacturer and a trader, the Avadiam team is in contact with all stock exchanges in order to be able to respond to all particular orders.
For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form or by telephone.

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