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Sell your diamonds and jewelry

Selling diamonds online is fast and secure, we are one of the largest buyers of diamonds in the world and will provide you with a fast, fair assessment of your diamonds.

We also buy brand name jewelry.

You can send your items with free delivery and free insurance or attend an appointment in Paris, Antwerp or Tel Aviv.

Appointments can also be made in Monaco and New York for higher value items.

The whole process is quick and simple and we are here to guide you through each step.


At AVADIAM, we buy the following items:

Free diamonds of 0.5 ct and more
Colored diamonds of 0.2 ct and more
Precious stones such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires.
Ancient jewelry
Vintage jewelry
Designer jewelry
Diamond jewelry

How to sell diamonds online?

When you sell diamonds online, the main benefits are potential price increases and time savings. Rather than making an appointment in person, selling online can be as simple as filling out an online form. Online shoppers have access to domestic and global markets with the potential for higher returns.

The most important thing is to choose someone you trust. Here we provide some tips on what to look for. Are they available by phone? Are their emails professional? Do they respond quickly? Does the business have a physical location? The possibility of making an appointment in addition to selling online should make you more secure. If a business makes you pay a sales charge, think twice.

Sell ​​diamonds online

You can sell diamonds online from anywhere in France and the rest of the world. We also buy jewelry. AVADIAM is another type of diamond buyer. We adopted a traditional business model and made the process quick, simple and secure. We are different from auctions. You will receive your money in 24 hours and we take no fees and you can sell with the certainty that you will have a buyer and you will know the returns you can expect.

Please provide as much detail as possible. Our team will get to work immediately to process your request.
Receive your initial assessment by phone or email - The assessment will be based on the information you have provided.
Send us your articles or make an appointment
A member of our team will contact you with a full appraisal and an offer - They take into account a range of factors to give an appraisal of diamonds.
If you accept our offer, payment can be received within 24 hours or we will give you a check at the meeting
AVADIAM will provide free delivery and free insurance so you can send your items to our evaluation center for a full expert evaluation. You will receive a FedEx shipping label valid for 14 days from the date of issue. You will need to locate your nearest FedEx branch and pick up your items to ship them. You will receive full instructions on how to package your items for maximum security and peace of mind. Remember that you can send from anywhere in France.

Why sell diamonds online?
Selling diamonds, jewelry, bags and watches online is a relatively new part of the growing e-commerce market. This represents significant opportunities for consumers to have better returns and a better experience than local sales.

Selling online means a lot less hassle, no travel is necessary.

No charges !
Free up money to do something positive with money
Upgrade or downgrade and find another special piece for your collection!

Please find the contact form below:

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Thank you and see you soon 

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